Elderly Moss Point Man Says Volunteers Are The Answer To His Prayers

"Water got in my house four foot and four inches," Moss Point resident Houston Banks remembered.

When Katrina washed ashore, it took everything that Banks had work so hard for his whole life.

"I never seen a storm like this before."

With no insurance and very little pocket money, Banks said he searched for help, but had no luck.

"Most of the people, when they work for you, they want to rob your eye balls out. And if you do not have the money to pay them, they won't do anything for you."

So Banks turned to someone he could trust, and started praying. The answer he was looking for finally arrived. His name was Brad Montgomery.

"He has gotten no help since the storm, and that is why we are here helping him out ," said Montgomery, an Americorps volunteer.

For the past week, the group has worked hour after hour with one goal in mind - to get Mr. Houston back home for his 76th birthday.

"He doesn't have any counter top, he doesn't have a sink, a stove, or a refrigerator," volunteer Nicole Whisenhunt said.

So Friday's "to-do" list included installing new cabinets, counter tops and a new sink.

Banks said he's impressed with the work being done to his home, but said what really stands out are the selfless acts of kindness from people he hardly knows.

"They're real good, real good. I think they are real nice, real nice," Banks said. "I am blessed. The good Lord is blessing me, sure did."

Whisenhunt said Mr. Houston's appreciation, love and warm smile is more rewarding than any paycheck she could receive.

"I just really like it. It is a good feeling walking away every day when you help somebody."

Houston Bank's home should be finished in about two weeks.