Tourism Leaders Invite Football Fans To Mississippi Coast

Coast tourism leaders are inviting football fans to consider staying in Mississippi while they go "bowling" in New Orleans.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau has a link on its web site, directing visitors to special "package deals" at local hotels during the Sugar Bowl and Super Bowl games in New Orleans.

The bureau is also running some special tourism ads in Illinois, since the University of Illinois is playing LSU in the Sugar Bowl.

"When we've had Sugar Bowl or Super Bowls previously, we've had really good use of our properties. And the word is really out there about the Mississippi Gulf Coast. That's why we've seen some very positive numbers on a comparative basis with other destinations around the country and even locally," said coast tourism director, Steve Richer.

Richer says many Illinois fans are already familiar with the Mississippi Gulf Coast since Illinois already brings more "snowbirds" here than any other state.