Cold Snap Boosts Firewood Sales

The cold snap is welcome weather for folks who sell firewood. Falling temperatures mean rising sales.

Just ask the vendors at Pass Road and Pine Street in Gulfport.

For years that busy corner has been a place where you can buy just a few logs or a whole truckload of firewood.

"High traffic area. And it's well noted from probably Jackson County to Hancock County. And so we get a lot of business when it's cold," said firewood salesman, Doug Allen.

You won't find the firewood vendors on Pass Road complaining about this Christmas cold snap. Freezing weather attracts attention to their stacks of firewood. Their truckloads will soon provide warm comfort in someone's fireplace.

"A cord of wood would be 16 foot long stacked four foot tall. That's a cord of firewood. And you're looking at probably around 250 dollars for a cord," said Allen.

But these firewood salesmen are flexible in this seasonal side business. You don't have to buy a whole cord or even a half.

Billy McDaniel says he welcomes individual orders.

"Some that want two pieces, up to an armload. Or I don't want that much, I want this much. And they'll pick up what they want and put in their truck," said McDaniel.

Oak is perhaps the most popular firewood sold. But other hardwoods are also available.

"We sell some hickory. And cherry. And dogwood every now and then when you run across it. And that's mainly the types of wood that we try to sell here," explained Allen.

There's a good bit of firewood history at the busy corner of Pass Road and Pine Street. Various vendors have been selling their wood  there for more than a decade.

You'll find more than just wood at the corner. The competing salesmen enjoy a little chat about the cold weather or which wood burns best. It's not all about business.

"We like to meet new people. And we just have a good time down here while we sell the wood," said Allen.

Customers get a good feeling, when the firewood does its job in the fireplace on a cold December day in South Mississippi.