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Shoppers Return To Stores For Post-Christmas Sales

Six year old Aaron Watson won't forget Christmas 2001. According to his dad, Aaron got a Dreamcast, he played one game, and it stopped working. That's when Leon Watson told his son to ride his new bike.

"He got on his bike," Mr. Watson said, "and the tire went flat."

So while Aaron spent the day after Christmas at a Toys R Us display game, dad had store elves repair the damage.

According to the elder Watson, "It was one of those Christmas' that you'll never forget."

Nine year old Douglas Barnes can appreciate what the Watsons went through. His Christmas gift was supposed to be a Gameboy cartridge. Douglas told us he opened the box, "and it wasn't in there."

That's when Mom knew she would be back in a store the day after Christmas. While Lynne Barnes was in the return line, she said everything was okay, "because we're getting it all fixed right."

Store managers expected to fill plenty of shopping carts with unwanted, unneeded, or unusable Christmas items. "Kind of like last year, lines out the door," thought Nancy Atkins. "But it hasn't happened, so we're happy about that."

Returns are just part of the post Christmas story. The other part focuses on discounts that entice shoppers to head back to the mall and spend some of the money Santa left in stockings.

Terry Timmons walked through the mall with several bags in her hands. They all had Christmas decorations and 2002 Christmas gifts she just purchased. "We do it every year," the New Orleans shopper said. "We come the day after and we shop for next year."

While a Moss Point family took a break from shopping, it went through the clothes just purchased with Christmas gift certificates. Most of the items were on sale. It let them enjoy Santa's annual visit just a little bit longer.

by Brad Kessie

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