Deadly Roads

At least three people, including a woman and her unborn child, were killed in traffic-related accidents during the holiday weekend. Authorities say a woman who was eight months pregnant died last night at Forest General Hospital after her car collided with another vehicle on U-S 49 in Hattiesburg. Police Sergeant Ted Socha said the woman's unborn child also died. Socha said two children in the vehicle were not injured.

He said the driver of the other vehicle suffered severe facial injuries. Socha said the victims' names were being withheld until the family could be notified. On Sunday, Lillian Merle Harris of Edwards died after she was struck by a hit-and-run driver. Her body was found beside the road near Old U.S. 80 and Vicksburg Street in Edwards. Last year, seven people died on roads patrolled by the state highway patrol. The Mississippi Highway Patrol says more troopers on the road and a high-profile seat belt campaign have made this one of the safest holiday travel periods in years, By Tuesday night, the M-H-P had investigated 174 wrecks _ none involving deaths _ during the Christmas travel rush. The holiday weekend began Friday at 6 p.m. and ended at midnight Tuesday. Elsewhere in the state, the Highway Patrol had written 7-thousand-254 tickets and arrested 145 people for driving under the influence on state roads.

Armstrong said the state had an extra 108 troopers on the road for Christmas, which likely caused motorists to slow down and buckle up. He said the M-H-P's ``Click it or Ticket'' campaign started in the spring also has helped.