Three Gautier Workers Resign In One Month

Mickey Spanier and Mickey Burnett have enjoyed calling Gautier home.

"Everything was easy to get to," Burnett said.

"I like the atmosphere in Gautier at the time," Spanier said.

But they say that the atmosphere is disappearing, just as a number of city employees are disappearing from City Hall.

Last week, the City Council fired longtime City Clerk Pearl Mercer Saying she was no longer fit to handle the job.

That left some citizens wondering about the goings on at City Hall.

" The firing of Pearl Mercer has angered so many people and it has fired up so enough citizens," Spanier said.

Even though the council later asked Mercer to come back, two others in her office have now resigned, Deputy Clerk Kathy Burlison and employee Shirley Robinson.

Community Service Director George Carbo is also leaving.

"This is the most controversial city I have ever lived," Burnett said.

"This city in crisis, this city has been in crisis,and steadily getting worse," Spanier said.

And while many residents believe three resignations in one month equals trouble for the city of Gautier, Councilman Jeff Wilkinson says the city will be just fine.

"Those are three and that is out of 180, and so we will still function, everything will go on just three people chose not to work here any more," Councilman At Large Jeff Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson hopes people don't lose confidence in city and its leaders.

"We are going to have bumps in the road, we have bumps in the road. If we want to have Gautier a better place, that involves change."

And change, while sometimes painful, can be for the better.

That thought has Lieutenant Marshall Robinson with the Gautier Fire Department looking toward the future.

"Gautier has no where to go but up. I think we are a great community on the coast, we have a lot of potential. "