Smokin The Sound Returns To Biloxi In March

Power boat racing returns to the shores of Biloxi in two months. The Off Shore Super Series will open its 2007 season the weekend of March 23rd.

To help Smokin the Sound offset some of its costs, the Biloxi City Council just agreed to donate $20,000 to local organizers.

The last time power boats raced across the Biloxi channel was just a couple of months before the hurricane. Race organizers made sure Biloxi was on their 2007 calendar.

"Biloxi, Mississippi was the very first race for the Off Shore Super Series Power Boat Racing Association. That's why, after Katrina, they moved the headquarters down here to Biloxi, and are excited to bring the race back here," said Misty Velasquez with the Off Shore Super Series

Velasquez once worked for the Harrison County Tourism Commission. She said she took the job as head of the Off Shore Super Series to make sure the boat races returned to Biloxi.