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Coast Merchants Call Holiday Shopping Season A Success

In the days shortly after September 11th many merchants around the country took a big hit financially. It seemed as if people just weren't in the mood to shop. But did that turn around with the holiday shopping season?

The steady stream of customers that made their way into as leather store in Gulfport was a welcome sight for store employees. The staff admits they worried about whether shoppers would still come around this holiday season.

Donna Boyce, store manager, said "We were kind of concerned about the 9-11 but it's been fabulous. We couldn't have asked for better numbers."

Boyce says business picked up in November and has been going strong ever since. Now with the shopping season almost over, she says last minute customers are keeping the staff on their toes.

"Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday it's been none stop wall to wall people so everybody's coming out the last minute checking out the sales," said Boyce.

The first Christmas shopping season has been a merry one for the owners of this new store in downtown Gulfport. They say they've had more success than they could have imagined.

"In an average day probably 50 or more easy," said Regina Lightsey. "I couldn't tell you how many people have been in here. Sometimes you can't walk around the store there's so many people in here."

Owners say people didn't hesitate to spend their money but they were very selective in how they spent it. Merchants say while the holidays are their busiest time of year... it is also the best because they are doing what they enjoy... helping customers.

by Danielle Thomas .

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