Many Hit The Road This Holiday

Drivers are finding busy roads and lower gas prices as they hit the road this holiday.

Many are spending at least part of the day on the highway this Christmas Eve.

Triple-A reports nearly 53 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home over the Christmas and New Year's holiday. Nearly 79 percent of those travelers will be driving to their destination.

"It's probably about a thousand miles to where we're at."

We caught up with Dennis and Grace Zeinert from Kenosha, Wisconsin on the last leg of their holiday journey to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. These travelers plan on enjoying the casinos, a visit with family and the mild winter.

"Come down here for your nice weather. It feels nice to what we're used to up there. I think it's probably about ten degrees and maybe zero at night," said Dennis Zeinert.

Chilly weather won't bother the front windshield stuffed reindeer that's helping the Moore family navigate a trip home for the holidays.

"My mom sent this down from Maine. And he needed a place to ride so he could see where he was going. So, my daughter, who's over there sound asleep, decided that he needs to ride on the front of the van so he could see where we were headed," said Mike Moore of Diamondhead.

Christmas is just another day on the road for many truck drivers. Only the lucky ones get to stay home.

"I'll try to get in every year. But this year, I just couldn't do it," said Texas truck driver, Lupe Contraras.

It's not the first Christmas Contraras will be away from his family. He began driving for a living six years ago. Holidays on the road are among the drawbacks of such a job.

"I'll be on the road for Christmas. It's hard when you have a family. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone else with a family," said Contraras.

Most drivers told us they appreciate the early Christmas present at the gas pump this year. With gas prices at their lowest levels in nearly three years, the trip home for the holiday will be a little less expensive this year.

Triple-A predicts the Southeast will have the largest number of car travelers.