Lucedale Bomb Blast

Federal and local authorities are investigating a pipe bomb explosion in Lucedale this past weekend. Police Chief Glen Veil said some businesses on Winter Street were shaken by the force of Saturday's blast. ``The explosion was heard quite a ways. Several people inside a coin-operated laundry heard it,'' Veil said. ``When they came out they saw the larger piece still smoking.''

Debris from the exploded bomb was found in a parking lot between Billy's Auto and Scruboard Laundry. Veil said the device appears to have been constructed out of rubber tubing and wrapped with electrical tape. He said the homemade bomb appeared to have been thrown over Billy's Auto building and exploded in the air. Veil said the largest fragment was 6 inches long and some parts were found about 30 feet away.

Veil said the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has been asked to help determine what kind of explosive was used. ``We believe it exploded in the air because there is no residue on the ground,'' the police chief said.