Eleuterius Prepares To Retire

"That's what they call me, Mr. Bobby. Even with the kids growing up today, when there's a problem at home they call mom and say, 'Let's call Mr. Bobby'," said longtime supervisor Bobby Eleuterius, as he reflected on three decades of public service.

He's a familiar face and longtime leader Though born and raised on Point Cadet, he's most associated with D'Iberville. The business boom around I-110 was made possible by Mr. Bobby helping bring sewer service to the area.

"It took me 14 months, but we put sewer in D'Iberville and you can see what's happened. It's cleaned the area, cleaned that part of the bay up. And this new road we built up at Sangani has really put those folks on the map over there for retail business," he said.

Roads and bridges are the backbone of a supervisor's responsibility.

"I think over the years I've built like 12, 13 or 14 bridges and we've paved or overlaid over 100 miles of road. I had 33 miles of dirt road when I took office. They no longer exist," Eleuterius recalled.

His office is a museum of accomplishments and acquaintances. Political pictures hang near a hat from an Apollo astronaut.

"Fred Haise brought this cap and gave it to me and autographed it on the inside. Brett Favre sent us that football and this is a high school team that my grandson played on and won the championship," he said.

He's got a letter from the "W", and a photo with the "Donald".

"Donald Trump," said the supervisor, pointing to a picture with the man from New York, "When he was talking about bringing a casino to Gulfport."

For those who know Mr. Bobby, it should come as no surprise that the building of the D'Iberville sports complex is among his proudest accomplishments. After all, the longtime supervisor coached Little League baseball for 18 years, and has always had a heart for youth and recreation.

That youth connection is among the things of which he's most proud.

"Accessibility was one thing. And the fact that I did what I said I would for our youth and for our seniors. If I'm remembered for those three areas, that will cap it for me welll," he said, smiling.