Guiding Light Actors Cook For Hands On Volunteers

It's not every morning you wake up to celebrities serving you breakfast. But that's just what happened to more than 150 Hands On Gulf Coast volunteers Tuesday morning. About a dozen cast members from the popular soap "Guiding Light" cooked breakfast at the Hands On camp in Biloxi. On the menu -- homemade biscuits, pancakes and eggs.

The actors started cooking around 5:30 Tuesday morning.

"I got up around 4. It was weird sleeping in a room with about 80 people, though, so I didn't get much sleep," says Robert Bogue, who plays 'A.C.' on the show.

Robert admits, it wasn't easy cooking for such a large crowd. He says, "Well, at first you think, How do you cook for 160 people? Well, it just takes a lot of time. I think I cracked like 300, 400 eggs, yeah. So it's military style. You know what I mean? You gotta feed the troops."

Meanwhile, his cast mate Lawrence St. Victor was just finishing up his first plate of food. Although he didn't help cook it, Lawrence says he was the cast's official taste-tester.

"They did a good job. I like the eggs, the pancakes, the biscuits. I eat, so I'm just happy. I get to eat and it's enjoyable," says St. Victor.

"Guiding Light" has a total of about 80 cast and crew members in south Mississippi this week. They'll be working with Hands On volunteers throughout the week, helping to rebuild three homes. Their handy-work will be aired on a special Valentine's Day episode of Guiding Light.

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