Jackson County Supervisors Cracking Down On Menace Homes

Broken glass, missing doors and mold covered walls can still be seen in some Jackson County homes.

Monday, the Board of Supervisors said the 18 months homeowners have been given to clean up their property is plenty of time. And those who don't take action will find the county will do the job and then send them the bill.

"I'd like to see this house rehabilitated instead of destroyed," property owner Chance Williams said.

Williams believes there's still hope for his trailer in Gulf Park Estates. Jackson County supervisors agree, some of the properties they looked at deserve a second chance.

"Mold has been cleared out, broken windows, so it's really not a menace to public health at this point," District 5 Supervisor John McKay said.

As supervisors flipped through photos of menace properties, they quickly found making a judgment on saving or demolishing someone's property isn't easy.

"There are some that are obvious. Unfortunately, it appears the one we are starting with is not so obvious," District 1 Supervisor Manly Barton said.

Board President Tim Broussard asked, "Due to the seriousness of the issue, have we exhausted, and are we in total compliance of the law?"

Planning Director Michelle Coats said the properties will be cleaned and a lien will be placed on delinquent properties.

"Yes sir, the building will be demolished and the property will be cleared," Coats said.

Many homeowners did not respond to the supervisors' notices, and those properties could be demolished.

Only seven out of 23 properties are being given a second chance. Chance Williams said he appreciates the extra time to get things in order.

"A few things with the house, broken windows and doors, those propose a danger. I would need to fix those in order to keep the property," Williams said.

Williams was given a month to repair his property, and must appear before the supervisors on Feb. 20th.  As for the property owners who've run out of time and chances, the Planning Department will determine how much the clean up will cost and when it will be done.