Guiding Light Stars Help Volunteers Find Their Light

Safety goggles and gloves are no disguise for some 30 daytime soap stars. They came armed and ready to work.

"We're not all craftsmen, you know. We're lucky if we do know how to hammer a nail and put up sheet rock or mix mud for the sheet rock," says Guiding Light veteran Kim Zimmer, who plays 'Reva' on the show.  She enjoyed showing off her toolbelt.

"It's the first time I've ever actually worn a tool belt. I've done some hammering and some painting, a lot of painting, but this is the first time I've ever had a belt on and I don't like it. You can't do anything; it gets in the way and if you want to go to the bathroom you have to take it off," says Zimmer.

Her colleague, Rob Bogue, who plays 'A.C.' has some concern about the extra props.

"You are talking about 40 actors with power tools, so it's like you know giving the animals in the circus power tools. You know we can't bring the soap opera on to the construction set because then you know we'd be chasing each other with power saws," says Bogue with a smile.

But with the help of some skilled Hands On Volunteers, these actors are quickly becoming skilled homebuilders, with a serious mission.

Zimmer says, "What we're here for is to hopefully help raise awareness that there's still so much work that needs to be done down here and we need volunteers."

Guiding Light's Crystal Chappell is another cast member who wanted to help.

"We all volunteered to come down here. I watch the news and I read the papers, and you don't see much of this anymore. It's somewhere in the back of your mind, but you just assume that it's being taken care of so, you know, it's a real eye opening experience," says Chappell.

It's also been an experience of a lifetime for homeowner Ethel Curry.

She says, "I'll try and stay out of their way, but every now and then I'll go and take a peek because I'm excited."

Curry says it's just like a dream having celebrities help rebuild her home.

"We're just plain people and they're going to do your house. I really thank them for it, too. I prayed and they answered my prayers and I really do appreciate it.

Biloxi is the cast's first stop in a year-long campaign called, "Find your Light." To celebrate the Soap's 70 year run, the cast will be doing volunteer work in one city each month, to promote volunteerism. Their fans will see their work in a special episode on Valentine's Day.