Church Prays For A Miracle

The congregation at Grace Independent Baptist Church sang April Smith's favorite song Sunday morning. April's parents say they've leaned heavily on their church and their faith during this difficult time.

"The first seven to 10 days is the days that she's basically fighting for her life," her father, Dennis Smith, said. "After that point, it's what the Lord has in store."

"From the moment that I heard about the accident, the Lord has just been in holding me up and giving me peace," her mother, Samantha Smith, said.

April Smith received severe head trauma in a car accident on Wednesday on Highway 63 in Moss Point. Smith's friend, Dannon Ruth, was killed in the crash. April's 15-year-old sister, Stephanie, was also injured, but now spends her time praying for April's recovery.

Pastor Ed Decker got choked up talking about the crash. April and his son, Jared, were planning to marry, and the pastor says he already considers April like a daughter.

April's absence was also felt in the Children's Church where the kids were encouraged to sing and be happy. April and Jared loved children and taught together. They even planned to go to Africa to work as missionaries. The pastor says he thinks it's okay to ask God "why?".

"If we're asking the Lord why and what is it You want to teach me through this and what is it that You're trying to accomplish in my life and the lives of others, I think then tragedies and difficulties like this have the opportunity to do something," Decker said.

April's family says her condition is extremely serious right now and that the pressure on her brain is getting worse. Still, they're confident that with God's help, they will make it.