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Post Offices Filled With People Sending Last-Minute Gifts

People who are late finishing their Christmas shopping are filling local post offices trying to get those presents to their destinations.

When the West Biloxi post office opened Saturday morning, a long line of people were already waiting to get in and send off last minute gifts. This branch is open for just two hours on Saturdays, and during that time clerks were very busy with customers.

Postal workers told people that in order to get their presents to their destinations on time, they would need to send them express mail. Most people said they didn't intend to wait so long to get their gifts mailed off.

"We just wrapped this present last night to be mailed today and now, I'm up here," Biloxi resident Angela Bradford said. "I've been standing in line 30 minutes to mail a package."

"Since I waited, I have to stand in line and hope that I get these pictures overnighted to California for my family for Christmas," Biloxi resident David Stape said. "I hope they get there on time."

The Biloxi Postmaster says if you haven't mailed your gifts yet, you can still get them to your loved ones before Christmas by mailing them Express Mail on Monday. There is no regular mail service on Christmas, but a few carriers will be working to deliver holiday gifts.

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