Coast Musicians Write Songs To Help Victims of September 11th

Two South Mississippi songwriters hope their music will help ease the pain of those who lost loved ones on September 11th. They say the attacks inspired them to transform their feelings into song lyrics.

Coast musician Stacy Stroker says her song "Thank God For Yesterday" is 13 years in the making. She started writing the song years ago after a friend's death, but she says it wasn't until September 11th that all the pieces finally came together.

"Sorrow is a poet's best friend. I think sorrow brings out the best in people unfortunately," Stroker said. "I think people should appreciate what they had yesterday because there's a lot more people in the world that have a lot less than what we do."

Songwriter and producer David Swanson wrote two songs "Dear Lord" and "America My Home" to share life lessons he's learned with the people of New York.

"The goal of 'Dear Lord' is to help you cry again and start feeling again," he said. "My biggest fear right now is that the families in New York, they're going through so much pain, that they're going to become numb and not be able to show the kind of love they were before the incident."

Swanson and Strocker used their own money to cover the costs of studio time and musician salaries. In fact, Swanson is working three jobs to help pay for his project. Both are selling CDs with their songs and donating the proceeds to charity.

"I hope they get out the fact that life is good and you should love everybody and thank God for everything because it is short," Stroker said. "You never know."

Swanson and Stroker say they hope their words can bring some comfort not only for September 11th victims but for anyone who has lost someone they love.

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By Danielle Thomas