Keesler Opens New Labor And Delivery Unit

One week ago, the new labor and delivery unit at Keesler Medical Center opened its doors. Staff members have already seen patients, but they're anxiously awaiting and prepared for the birth of the first baby at the new center.

"We have seven labor and delivery beds. We have two operating rooms where we can go in and do those procedures, and we are ready for those babies to be delivered," Lt. Colonel Chet Roschetko says.

"It's beautiful. It's bigger. It's much more up to date, and I just think patients will love it, and the doctors love it. I think the nurses like it. We're excited to be here," says OBGYN Lt. Col. William Moore.

Medical technician Andrea Brown worked at the center's old labor and delivery unit. She, too, is excited to be back at work in the new labor and delivery unit, and the fact that she intends to become a patient and a first time mother here when her due date arrives in August.

"It's actually very comforting working here and being able to be pregnant with all my friends around me and knowing that when I go into labor I know my doctors and my nurses, but even if I was an outside patient, I didn't know anybody here. Our outside patients, we really make them feel like we're really excited about getting patients back here," says Staff Sergeant Andrea Brown.

"Keesler Medical Center has a history of being visionary, state-of-the-art quality health care and the opening of this labor and delivery unit allows us to continue that heritage, move into a new horizon, taking care of the families of our heroes," says Lt. Colonel Chet Roschetko.