Volunteers Donate Time To Help Rebuild Habitat Homes

From rooftops to floors volunteers offered a helping hand to build new homes. An effort Gulf Coast Habitat for Humanity President Art Young says will help some deserving families.

"They may be in a financial situation where they cannot buy a home. Or they don't have a down payment. Maybe there is a divorce in the family," says Young.

Young says at least six homes will go up on Alexander Avenue in Biloxi thanks to the help of several volunteers and some local companies.

"This particular location was donated by the city of Biloxi. Imperial Palace donated 400-thousand to build four houses at this site. The idea is we try to get sponsors with cash donations. Then we have donations of supplies and materials and then donated labor," says Young.

Donated labor from groups like the Steele City Mafia, a nationwide fan club who roots for the Pittsburg Steelers, say the Coast can't rebuild without community support, and that's why they are here to help.

"The government can't do everything for us. They are not supposed to do everything for us. We are supposed to help ourselves, and that's what non-profits do," says Cindy Lamb.

The Steel City Mafia says even though the Pittsburg Steelers won't be playing in this weekend's NFC game, the group will put there Steeler power behind the Saints.