All Perils Insurance An Idea Worth Serious Consideration

Gene Taylor said recently what most of us have been saying for months. When it comes to a disaster, it shouldn't matter if your property sustains wind or water damage, your insurance should pay you. He was just as succinct in a letter to House leaders.

On January fifth, he wrote, "Homeowners should be able to purchase insurance and know that their losses will be covered."

We applaud Congressman Taylor for his pledge to create a natural disaster insurance program. His hope is that Congress will develop a system that provides coverage in any perilous situation. Let's hope the House and Senate follow his lead.

There's absolutely no reason homeowners who pay insurance premiums and go through a natural disaster like Katrina should be forced to go to court to receive an insurance settlement. However, all perils insurance needs to be well thought out, and thoroughly funded, before it's enacted.

Look at the wind pool. It's taught all of us that unless a solid funding mechanism is in place, the coverage can become terribly expensive. And that's not good for people who are struggling to get back on their feet.

Gene Taylor is one of those people. He knows the perils of an insurance policy that doesn't cover every aspect of a disaster like Katrina. Taylor lost his Bay St. Louis home during the storm. And he had to hire an attorney to fight for his insurance claim.

So when Taylor writes, "Thousands of south Mississippians had purchased all the insurance that was available to them, yet found themselves with large uncovered losses," he understands the need to fix the system and our hope is that Congress will too.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager