Woman Donates Three Homes To Biloxi Organization

"Mrs. Brown, this is to show you that we indeed thank you for sharing our vision."

Visions of Hope board members showered Mrs. Hazel Robinson-Brown with flowers and a plaque on Friday. It was a show of appreciation for the 93-year-old woman. She donated a 600-square foot house on Graham Avenue in Biloxi.

Workers are currently fixing up the two-bedroom cottage. Mrs. Brown once rented it out. Instead of tearing it down, she decided to give the house and two others to Visions of Hope.

"I didn't need them," she said. "They had served their purpose for me."

Now, what used to be rundown cottages will one day become dream homes for a low-income families.

"It just makes me feel overwhelmed, and really, I'll be super excited when we actually move our family in," Visions of Hope Director Sarah Walker said. "I don't know who's going to share more tears, me or them."

"It makes me happy to know that somebody is going to reap the benefits of these houses," Robinson-Brown said. "It's wonderful to have a home."

This is the second house that Mrs. Brown donated to Visions of Hope. Renovations should start at the end of next month. The third house has yet to be relocated. Visions of Hope is hoping that Mrs. Brown's generosity will inspire others to do the same.

"We are hoping this will be a pilot project to show the community what can be done when everybody comes together," Walker said.

Mrs. Robinson-Brown decided to donate the cottages at the suggestion of a family friend, Dianne Harenski. If you'd like to donate a house or property to relocate a house, you can call Visions of Hope at 435-9200.