D'Iberville Woman's Invention Can Help Save Your Family History

Hurricane Katrina has encouraged all of us to appreciate the little things in life. So many people lost photographs, bank documents and other personal belongings.

That's why a D'Iberville woman has invented a product that keeps all of the important pieces of our lives in one place. It's called "Notable Legacy" and it serves as a bridge between the past and the future.

Jean Barker's leather bound book contains the stories and information that make up a person's life. It's a branch on the family tree.

An array of categories in the book document personal accomplishments and family relationships. The book also provides safe haven for the important paperwork we take for granted, until a disaster like Katrina.

Jean says the book can help Katrina survivors reorganize their lives and restore their legacies.

To learn more, just visit NotableLegacy.com.