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Coliseum's New Basketball Court Bursts With Color

"Well, we wanted to put a little flare to it, and add a little personality to the floor," explains Coliseum Assistant Executive Director Matt McDonnell.

He says the "fun in the sun" theme, is a way to remind people of the coast.

"For the times that we do make television whether it be college or we do a NBA exhibition game that makes the highlight films, we want people to recognize that they're in south Mississippi, and that we have a beautiful beach here. We're proud of that, and we want folks to know about it," McDonnell says. 

The Coast Coliseum's marketing coordinator, Vicki Miller, actually came up with the design.

"The coliseum executives came to me and said, 'Give it a shot; we want something very colorful, we want it to reflect the coast. You're from here. Maybe we could put something like beach balls in it.' And so, I just started playing around with a lot of ideas," Miller says. 

What she came up with, were beach balls for free throw lanes, a starburst sunset over the water at center court, and dancing waves bordering the entire court.

"The coast is sand, and beach and fun and sun shine, and all the colors that I chose in here are very bright primary colors because those are the colors I'm used to seeing. And it's very very important to me that when people see this, they get the flavor of the coast, and that's what the whole design is all about," says Miller.

Her work of art was first unveiled Wednesday. That's when crews installed the portable court, in the latest effort to restore the coliseum's facilities. The new floor replaces a similar, but less colorful one, that was destroyed during Katrina. The floor can be installed or broken down in about 3 to 4 hours.

Local High School basketball players will be the first to use the new floor, during the annual Hoops Fest January 20th.

by Meggan Gray

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