FEMA Will Move Trailers Into Park On John Hill Blvd

The topic of what to do about a controversial FEMA trailer park in Gulfport dominated much of that city's council meeting Tuesday afternoon. The location is on John Hill Boulevard, and construction there has stopped twice, because of disagreements between the city and FEMA.

Although some on the city council do not want the park to open, FEMA maintains that the council signed off on the location months ago.

Last week, Councilwoman Ella Holmes Hines introduced a resolution to shut the park down February 28th of this year. If that were the case, it means the park would be closed just weeks after it opened.

But her motion was defeated Tuesday on a vote of five to two.

Now, FEMA will move trailers into the park, probably in the next few weeks. The agency will shut it down on November 8, 2007, according to the terms of the contract.

Councilwoman Barbara Nalley called the park a big waste of government money, and maintained Fema is trying to hold the city hostage by insisting the park open on John Hill Boulevard.

In another trailer park controversy, FEMA told the city it will follow through on plans to shut down the Dedeaux Road location in 120 days. Residents and the parks owners said security had become a major problem.

Two weeks ago, FEMA agreed to provide security at the park. Gulfport police say since then, the crime problem has virtually disappeared.

FEMA officials say they will only shut the park down after alternate housing is found for its residents.