Judge Shuts Down Controversial Club In Jackson County

Party banners, empty beer cans and piles of trash around the 504 Club will no longer be a problem. That's fine with neighbors who say the late night party spot has been a big problem in the past.

"My mother just cannot sleep," Moss Point resident Carolyn Bedford said. "She's constantly up all night worrying because people are trampling around her house. You hear gun shots, just loud, loud, gunshots."

"These folks had dozens or maybe even a hundred people or so outside in their yards throwing beer cans around, drugs were being sold, sex crimes were being committed out there in the area," District Attorney Keith Miller said. "There have been a couple of shootings out there, at least one homicide."

"We were receiving calls pretty steadily over the last 18 months plus," Moss Point Police Chief Butch Gager said.

The 504 Club is located right in the middle of a neighborhood. Residents say they are glad to finally see it close for good.

"We are overjoyed," Bedford said. "Words cannot express our happiness because we have been working on this a very long time, and now we know that justice has been served."

That justice came in court Thursday. The owners of Club 504 didn't even fight the district attorney's push to shut them down.

"I'm glad that they didn't fight," Miller said. "It made our job easier. But had they fought it, I think we would have still ended up with the same result."

None of the people responsible for the 504 Club wanted to comment on camera. The owner of the building, Tommie Robbins, says that he wasn't aware of the problems surrounding the club. Joel Fox and Anthony King leased the building and ran the day-to-day operations. They say all of the problems were outside of the club, and they wish authorities would have done more to correct the problem.