Moss Point Food Kitchen Offers More Free Meals

On a cold day, a hot meal is appealing to just about anybody, especially when it's free. Just ask Louis Johnson. He moved to the coast for a job, but hasn't been able to land one. That means trouble making ends meet.

"I have been surviving by friends and some family members. I have even stayed at the Salvation Army a few nights. It is just rough," Johnson said.

But this is a good day for Johnson. Thanks to God's Kitchen, he will not go to bed hungry.

"When you are unemployed, and no where to live, places like this give you some hope so you won't walk around on an empty stomach. "

The kitchen has served meals on special occasions, but Bishop Palma Chandler realized the need was greater. So the church committed to serving meals every Tuesday and Thursday.

"Sometimes people are having to make the choice between the cost of food, or attaining food, or paying rent," Chandler said. "This unprecedented devastation has brought about unlimited opportunity to show God's love."

The rice, meat loaf and peas served up Tuesday aren't just intended to fill stomachs. Volunteers say they want to show how much the church cares.

"You feed a man and give him inspiration, and give them words of encouragement, it helps them and lets them know that everything is going to be fine," volunteer Leequnita Hurtado said.

"I would like to thank them for doing this, for helping people just as myself. We do need it," Johnson said.

God's Kitchen is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30 am to 12:30pm in Moss Point.

Bishop Chandler says he is now conducting a survey to see if the kitchen should also serve meals at other times for breakfast and dinner.