St. Thomas Catholic Church Comes Down

What's left of St. Thomas Catholic Church is finally coming down. Demolition began Tuesday morning on the beach front property in Long Beach. Several parishioners watched as heavy machinery clawed its way through the rubble, to tear down what Katrina left behind. Workers say they expect the entire structure to be on the ground by the end of the day.

The unique building served as holy ground for hundreds of families, over the past 35 years. Paula Sears has been a parishioner at St. Thomas all her life. She says seeing it come down isn't as hard as seeing it the day after Katrina.

"I guess it's not has hard as it was the day after Katrina; and we did go through Camille and we came back, so I know that we will be back. And it's nice to have our building coming down, so we can look to the future."

Paula also thinks the demo work will encourage others to follow.

"I think that by our church coming down now, and then being rebuilt, it is a sign of hope and I do believe that once people see our church coming back up they'll know that it's okay. And I think it will help the coast as it begins to grow again."

St. Thomas will rebuild on the same location. Paula says it will take about a year to get plans in place, before they break ground.