Moss Point Residents Celebrate King's Legacy

The three mile walk through Moss Point was enough to leave some tired, others may be a bit sore, but this walk on this day brought inspiration to all.

"This is walk is not near as long as the walk in the cotton fields. This is a short walk," Moss Point resident Edward Broughton said.

"We are not in shape. We need to get in shape," Moss Point Alderman Aneice Liddell said.

This walk on this day honors the sacrifices of one man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and what he did decades ago to insure everyone equal opportunities for a prosperous life. That includes 10-year-old Shawneice White and her friends.

"He supported us. He is the one who got all the blacks and whites together and this is a good day to celebrate," White said.

The crowd, united hand in hand, walked down the street the bears Dr. King's name. Moss Point Alderman Aneice Liddell even led a rendition of an old spiritual, as a thank you to the man who taught people to dream big.

"You know we have people who are CEOs of companies in higher management, we did not have in the days," Liddell said.

"It is about good jobs, it is about education, it is about training people and the more training and education that we can do for our people, is better for everybody," Edward Broughton said.

Still, there are many hills to climb.

"We need to keep reminding people of where we come from and everything is legislated, and it does not mean we can not go backwards."

"We need to get more young people involved in our leaderships roles and in helping us to advance."

And that was the goal of this walk, to follow Dr. King's footsteps, and inspire the next generation to march into the future.

A morning banquet and church service was also held to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King.