Score One For The Mississippi Homeowner

Score one for the Mississippi homeowner. Until this week, insurance companies have been able to deny paying many claims by saying storm surge did the damage. This is excluded in most policies.

However, Federal Judge L.T. Center sent shock waves thorough out the insurance industry Thursday when he ruled a local couple was entitled to be paid for their home, since the insurance company could not prove how much damage was caused by wind and how much resulted from storm surge.

This ruling should prompt insurance companies to settle outstanding claims with local homeowners.

Insurance companies have dragged their feet too long and have caused many residents to delay rebuilding because they did not have the needed funds to proceed. Now that a federal judge has ruled that wind did play a part in destroying at least one home, it's time for the insurance industry to come to that same realization.

Insurance companies need to sit down with homeowners and their lawyers and come up with a fair settlement. That's all many homeowners having been asking for since Hurricane Katrina struck nearly 17 months ago.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager