Gautier Motorcyclist Killed In Pascagoula

"A motorcyclist was westbound on the West River Bridge and was struck from behind by a Jeep Cherokee driven by Mr. Benjamin Vetra of Gretna Louisiana. It was a high impact collision that destroyed both vehicles," Capt. Jaime Hunter with the Pascagoula Police Department says.

Not only did it destroy vehicles, but it destroyed the young life of Joseph Danner.

"The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene, and from all indications was killed on impact," Hunter says.

37-year old Benjamin Vetra was the driver of the Cherokee. The vehicle, belonging to his girlfriend from Gautier, sits in a wrecker yard. Skid marks along the bridge tell the tale of the accident. But police need your help with the details.

"We feel confident there are people who may have witnessed this accident or have information on it that we did not have an opportunity to interview, and we would like for those people to contact the Pascagoula police department," Hunter says.

While this is Pascagoula's first fatality in 2007, Hunter says the impact of this tragedy is huge.

"Not only does this have an impact on the deceased motorist immediate family, but I understand he had a wide circle of friends and all these people are deeply impacted. This is another example of the tragedy of people who drink and drive," Hunter says.

Benjamin Vetra is being held in the Pascagoula city jail, charged with felony DUI.  Police also said that a motorcycle helmet was found at the scene of the accident.

If you can help the Pascagoula Police with any information about this collision, please call them at 228-762-2211.