Modular Homes Go On Display Along The Coast

Eric Forsythe, of Pass Christian, says he'd be more than pleased to have a home just like the modular model home he visited in Long Beach.

"If we won this in a contest you'd be like whoa this is nice," says Eric Forsythe, Pass Christian.

The model home Forsythe viewed is just one of five models on display during the Modular Building Systems Association's expo of modular homes.

Companies like New Gulf Homes, who build modular homes, say it's working to get as many people as possible into homes.

"We've got about 7 homes that we've done. Right now we're placing down about one home a week, says Dr. Randy Nancy, New Gulf Homes CEO.

New Gulf Homes builds homes along the coast manufactured by a company called All American Homes. The founder of New Gulf Homes says a modular home without the extras runs anywhere from 100 to 110 dollars a foot and can be made to fit anyone's taste.

"People design their own houses and we make sure we build those houses to fit their needs and expectations. They're not just one or two models or prototypical homes," says Nancy.

Customers have many options, 500 floor plans in fact.

"I looked at few. I know there's some where I've said well maybe I like this room or maybe I prefer this just a little bit different. It's good to have all the options," says Rosalie Clay, Pass Christian.

"Our company's committed and we will be here for the next 20 years or longer. We want to be part of the solution to helping salvage the Mississippi Gulf Coast," says Nancy.

Eric Forsythe says it's reassuring to have a company committed to sticking around to help people as they rebuild on the coast.

"I have a contractor, builder, architect who's going to be here for me when I need them. They're going to be in my backyard.  I can relax, and it takes all the worries and of rebuilding out of mind so it's good to know," says Forsythe.

The five models will be on display through January 21st from 9am to 4pm.  In the next couple of weeks, the New Gulf Homes will also have a model on display at the Prime Outlets mall.

To contact the Modular Building Systems Association for more information, you can call (717) 238-9130 or click here.

To contact New Gulf Homes, you can call (601) 527-2211 or visit click here.