Folks Along The Coast Catch The Black And Gold Fever

Trey Dombrowski says he's the Saints number one fan. He proudly sports number 25 on his jersey, the number belonging to his favorite player, Reggie Bush, as he eats an afternoon lunch. Ever since Trey Dombrowski could remember, he's bled black and gold.

"I've been a Saints fans since I was a little kid this is like the first year we've actually been good. So this is really big," says Dombrowski.

And he's not the only one with a childhood connection to the men of black and gold.

"Every since I was a child I was born in New Orleans in the Garden District so all my family's big Saints fans," says Rob Heffner, High Cotton Grill Managing Partner.

"It's our neighbor. They've suffered a lot of the same stuff we've all been through. To see a local team or a team close by that's excelling that's what exciting to me," says Paul Studstill, Saints fan.

Although the seats on the patio are a little empty early in the afternoon, the managing partner of the grill says the crowds definitely roll in between 5 and 6 to show support for their Saints.

"They're coming back with the best year ever that they've every had. We got a great shot at going to the superbowl which is definitely a first. It's really exciting. It's the first time it's happened. It's history for the Saints and for their franchise, says Heffner.

Even though he has to work tonight, the Saints number one fan says nothing will stop him from rooting his team on to victory.

"I'll be working at the bar, but I'll be peaking from the behind the bar the whole night," says Dombrowski.

The Managing partner says if the High Cotton will host a big celebration party if the Saints make it to the NFC championship game. He says you can expect food and drink specials, give-a-ways and just a whole lot of celebrating.