A Community Remembers The Lives Of Six Friends Who Died In A Car Crash A Year Ago

Those who gathered at the Nativity Blessed Virgin Mary church in Biloxi share one thing, the bittersweet remembrance of the loved ones they've lost.

Brittany Jordan, Carley Jordan, Candice Newman, Joshua Scott Bozeman, William "Jarrod" Thompson, Richard O'Barr died in a car crash off Highway 67 in Stone County, January 12, 2006.  They were all graduates of Mercy Cross High School in Biloxi and were attending college at the times of their deaths.  Those who came out to the memorial service say they wanted to focus on what they gained through their lives instead of what they lost with their deaths.

"It was amazing to watch those three young ladies. They captured everyone, and everyone's hearts as you can see tonight," says Kelli Dickens, dance teacher.

Dickens shared fond memories of the girls who often took the spotlight during dance recitals.

"Brittany has the stars in her eyes, and when she hit the stage she danced like someone was only watching her.  And then you had Carley, she was just the perfect, perfect young lady who was very poised.  Candice stepped out the limelight a little bit and shared the limelight, " says Dickens.

"I just remember all of us getting ready in the dressing room... putting on our red lipstick and our showstopper earrings.  I just remember we always had so much fun and when we were on stage and we were a family," says Amy Wilson, friend and fellow dancer.

"Inseparable, they always did everything together and took up for one another.  Richard O'Barr was kind of the clown of the group,  Jarrod was more of the protector of the bunch and Josh was the mediator," says Josh Swinford, friend.

The good times are what those who loved them remember most.   Family and friends honor them in the simplest way they know how - by living.

"They would never want any of their friends or family to stop living and not having the love for life that all six of these kids did," says Dickens.

The principal of Mercy Cross says a scholarship honoring the six friends will be awarded during the 2007-2008 school years.  Eight people were in the vehicle when the accident occurred... Allen Martell and Chris Rutland survived the accident.