Saints Could Make Dreams Come True

The menu at B.B's Po Boys in Ocean Springs says a lot about the restaurant owner's favorite football team.

"We have a Who Dat po boy," said B.B. Minton.

His walls are just as colorful. They're covered with pictures of his favorite moments, and his favorite players.

"Almost every one of these, I've acquired the signatures on my own," he said.

By now, you've probably figured out who Minton proudly supports.

"Gotta be the Saints. That's our home. That's our region. Gotta stand behind them," he said.

Minton is a 12 year Saints season ticket holder. For him, the Saints in the playoffs is like Christmas.

"After what they had to go through last year, being nomads, all their home games were in different places every week, yes, it's nice to see them come together," he said.

Minton is like the Sean Payton of his restaurant. And as its coach, he faces a huge fourth down decision. Can he close B.B.'s early enough Saturday afternoon to get to New Orleans in time for the divisional playoff game against Philadelphia? Throughout the season, the Saints coach went for it. So Minton's fourth down decision is simple.

"Go. Be there," he said, even if that means closing the restaurant a few minutes before 3:00.

Whether you're there, or you're watching it on TV, don't forget to wear your black and gold. Waveland's Tina Stiglet was at Sports Avenue in Gulfport, buying all sorts of merchandise for her family.

"We've only got two games. Hey, the Saints are going to pull it off for us," she said.

Stiglet was holding a toddler named Brighton. She bought him a Reggie Bush jersey for the game. As soon as he put it on, he started running like the Saints rookie. Brighton's first birthday is tomorrow. Stiglet said a Bush touchdown and a Saints playoff victory would be quite a present.

"You know they're going to pull it off. We're going all the way," she said.