Port Director Still Trying To Lure Cruise Line

After a six month hiatus, the cruise ship task force is back together.

At meetings the last two weeks, task force members found out two unidentified companies want more information about what the Port of Gulfport can offer a cruise line.

"We feel like there are some specific opportunities out there," Acting Port Director John Webb said. "We will be calling on some of the cruise lines over the, we hope, the next couple of weeks. We will be inundating some of these cruise lines with literature on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, trying to discuss what's here in Gulfport, what the advantages are of sailing in and out of the Port of Gulfport."

In the spring, Carnival Cruise Lines will sail out of Mobile. If those trips are successful, Port of Gulfport officials think they'll have an easier time convincing companies to bring ships to Mississippi.