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Massive Search Underway for Missing Man

Rescue dogs from Mississippi and Louisiana put their noses to work in trying to track down Paul King. Dixie and Dusty are right at home in the woods off 53rd Avenue; they're trained for wilderness searching.

"She's also scent discriminate, so if we had a scent article that was viable, I would send her on that," Kathy Davis of Louisiana Search and Rescue says. "There could be several people out in the area, and she would only go to that person that I scented her on."

The dogs have no scent of King, so they just follow a basic search command.

Officers use four wheelers to help maneuver them through thick woods.

"We're conducting grid searches throughout the wooded area and throughout the streets in this area," Gulfport Police Department spokesperson Alfred Sexton says.

And up above, the sheriff's helicopter uses infrared technology called microwave to try to pinpoint King through his body heat. Time is critical. Officers are worried that King will be out in nighttime temperatures dipping into the mid 30s, and after undergoing recent brain surgery, he needs medicine.

"He's on medication, but when he's off medication he tends to not remember where he's at so it's very important that we locate him to get him back on the medication to ensure his safety. That's our concerns at this point."

The search for King should resume again first thing Thursday morning.

By Marcia Hill

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