Gulfport Councilwoman Wants John Hill FEMA Park Closed Next Month

The Gulfport City Council held a special meeting Thursday night to talk about the future of the FEMA trailer park off John Hill Blvd.

Councilwoman Ella Holmes-Hines says she will make a motion next Tuesday to close the park in late February.

"I'm going to ask the city to hire an attorney to defend if there are any legal problems to protect the city of Gulfport," Holmes-Hines said.

Hines also says FEMA's lease with the property owner expired Thursday.  According to Hines and other council members, a motion was made in December of 2006 to close down the park down by late February which would be 18 months after Katrina.

But FEMA says, according to council minutes, they have until November 8, 2007, to keep the park up and running.

"Their own attorney, Mr. Harry Hughes, told the council that he based the November 8th deadline on the council's own minutes, and that even a court of law would take that word seriously," FEMA spokesperson Marcia Hill said.

Both FEMA and the city say the issue might have to be resolved in court.