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Indiana Church Leaders Renovate Two Homes In One Week

Two South Mississippi families can soon move back into their homes, thanks to some dedicated church leaders.

The Bishop and district superintendents of United Methodist Churches in the Indiana area are repairing two storm-damaged houses. One is on Bridge View Drive in St. Martin, the other is on Texas Avenue in Gulfport.

The 35 volunteers are replacing the drywall, painting, and installing cabinets, bathrooms and the front door. Their goal is to make the houses livable by the time they leave next Wednesday.

"We can't hardly put it in words because we've never really seen anything like this. It's just, it kind of pulls at our hearts. The reason we're down here, we're at where we can help out to make somebody's life better. We're here," project manager Gary Andis said.

The Bishop is also using the mission to build teamwork skills among Indiana's United Methodist Church leaders.

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