Mission: Orange Aimed At Making South Mississippi A "Humane Community"

The Humane Society of South Mississippi's new shelter in Gulfport has been called one of the best in this region, and it's about to get better. The shelter has been chosen as one of only five in the nation to participate in the ASPCA's new initiative, Mission: Orange.

Joe Elmore, the Humane Society's Director of Strategic Development, says the initiative will last for three years.

"It helps communities achieve those goals of a higher save rate, lessened animal cruelty, and inclusion of the entire community in reaching those efforts. It's going to bring in financial resources and human resources for training expertise to boost those agencies working together in those communities to achieve that higher save rates," Elmore says.

South Mississippi joins Austin, Philadelphia, and Tampa as communities that already share the ASPCA'S goals and, as Elmore says, want to take that next step.

"We think we can make it," Elmore says. "We think we can become the first community in the deep south to become a humane community, an adoptional guarantee community."

Last year, after taking in more than 14,000 animals, the Humane Society of South Mississippi placed 55 percent of its animals into new homes. That's a 51 percent increase over the previous year.