Author Wants To Publish Kids' Katrina Stories

Deborah Ford has written a series of books called GRITS, which stands for "Girls Raised in the South." On Tuesday, Ford visited North Woolmarket Elementary to talk about a new series titled "Little Kudzu - Come Grow With Me".

Ford encouraged the students to submit their personal storm stories.  She asked the kids to explain how parents and neighbors helped them through the ordeal.  Ford also wants them to share some ideas that could help other kids cope with a disaster. The winners will have their stories published and they will receive a monetary prize.

"It's tough enough when things are going smoothly," says Ford. "But when you have a disaster like Katrina, goodness, I can't imagine what the kids have gone through. I'm sure they have so much to say to help other children, and I think it's ideal.  Also, it's my way of giving back, to do what I can do to help the community."

Ford plans to visit more schools in the South to talk about the writing competition. Once the book is published, she will donate some of the profits to schools that participate.