Getting Fit and Staying Fit in 2007

Losing weight, getting in shape, and staying in shape has always been a popular New Year Resolution. And this year, is no different.

There's usually a rise in gym memberships this time of year, but gym managers say the attendance usually drops off after a few weeks. To get you hooked, and keep you hooked, many gyms offer built-in TV'S on some of the equipment so you can burn calories without getting bored.

David Hayes is a certified personal trainer at World Gym in Biloxi. He says most people who come in trying to fulfill their New Year's Resolutions, do too much at once.

"Most of them what they do, is they come and hurry. I'm going to hurry up and lose all the weight I can, do cardio for like an hour, work out for a couple of hours and just burn themselves out trying to change everything at once. All of a sudden, their body is in shock, and they can't do it. They end up crashing and quitting."

But there is a way to avoid that. David says the key to starting a routine, is to start slow.

"Take your time. Yeah it's your resolution, but you have a whole year to do it. So just take your time, pace yourself, and next time next resolution comes, see where you're at, and you'll see a big difference."

He also says changing your body means changing your lifestyle. It's more than exercise alone.

"You've got to change you're life, don't think of it as a diet, say ok these are the food I like, they're good for me. I'll keep eating these foods. And like walking -- I'll walk; I don't have to get on there and run, I don't have to ride the bike, I'll just walk a little bit everyday. Just change your life. Make it where your life is working out," says David.

Here's some added inspiration if you're thinking about making some lifestyle changes: The American Heart Association says exercise can also improve cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and prevent bone loss. Here's an idea of much exercise it takes to burn calories:

A 150 pound person can burn --

  • 240 calories an hour bicycling at a moderate rate
  • 320 calories an hour walking a moderate pace (about 3 mph)
  • 660 calories an hour jogging at an easy pace
  • 920 calories an hour jogging at a fast pace

For more information, you can contact the American Heart Association.