Lutheran, Episcopal Volunteers Build Three Homes This Week

Volunteers with the Lutheran Episcopal Services of Mississippi are building three homes this week for Hurricane victims. Monday, volunteers from St. James Episcopal Church in Jackson began installing insulation inside a Gulfport home.

St. Peter's by the Sea in Gulfport is also part of the project. When complete, the cottage will go to one of St. Peter's dedicated parishioners, Sarah Caldwell, who's run the nursery there for more than 50 years.

"We built this thing on site and had it moved here not long ago. And it just became real obvious, this is one way we could sort of give back to her for all of her service at St. Peter's By the Sea," Rev. Edward O'Conner said.

"The remainder of the folks from St. James are trimming out another cottage like this in Pass Christian, and then they're doing kind of a Habitat-blitz style to build a home from the ground up. So there are three planned for this trip, but I'm sure there are more coming."

Father O'Connor says this is just one of many future projects for St. Peter's By the Sea. He says, as one of two downtown Gulfport churches, he feels it's important to serve as "a beacon of hope" for the community.