Fire Kills Two Stone County Sisters

After a Saturday night blaze at a trailer in Stone County, investigators are trying to determine what caused the fire that claimed the life of two sisters.

The fire killed eight-year-old Courtney Womack and her six-year-old sister Ashley.

Their mother, Angelica Womack, says the sisters wanted to stay the night with their grandfather. Womack says they were watching TV when they smelled smoke. Their grandfather went out to get a water hose to try and put it out, but the fire got out of control.

Now the young couple is left with only memories of their only two children.

"They were full of love for everybody but mischievous. Them two together they could get into a lot of trouble. Apart, they were two little angels. Anyone who ever met my kids just fell in love with them no matter what. They gonna teach people up there the same thing they taught people down here. That love is the only way to make it through anything and everything," says Womack.

The Womacks say their love for each other and the outpouring of support from the community will help them get through this difficult time.

"I think we are put here on this Earth a certain amount of time to do a specific deed. The Lord was ready for them and they had a purpose in heaven. He had something for them to do up there. He needed them there," says Tina Gillespie, a long-time family friend.

"I know he's got my babies with him. I know him, and Jesus gonna take good care of them," says Womack.

Mr. Womack, the grandfather, did survive the fire.

The family says they plan to bury the girls in the same casket. There will also be a fund set up to help the family. However, right now, details are unknown.

The cause of the fire in still under investigation.