FEMA Trailer Park Residents Now Have 24/7 Security In The Park

People living in the FEMA trailer park off of Dedeaux road now have armed security. FEMA spokesman Eugene Brazaney says FEMA is referring to it as 24/7 park maintenance.

Gulfport Mayor, Brent Warr, says the security comes on the heels of a call he made to a high ranking FEMA official saying the city would require 24/7 security until the park closes. Warr says FEMA is picking up the bill.

FEMA also started putting up notices on FEMA park doors today. The notices said the park will be closed soon and more details would follow regarding relocation instructions.

FEMA says their personnel will be on site until the park is closed... which is expected to be within the next 120 days. FEMA says it wants to assure residents that although they are terminating the lease with landowners, they have no plans of breaking their commitment to relocate people living in the park.  FEMA plans to relocate the people living in the 137 mobile homes to other FEMA parks.

If you are a park resident or know a park resident who might have any concerns or questions, you can call FEMA at 1-866-877-6075.