Tornado Damages West Harrison Neighborhood

The front of Andy Ladner's trailer home doesn't look that bad. But around back is the real testament to a blast of wind that arrived just after midnight.

"I started standing up, then I was crawling," said Ladner, as he recalled the apparent tornado flipping his trailer on its side.

Ladner's nephews used a ladder to reach the front door.

"Sort of like being on one of them rope bridges. Everything was just, underneath me there was nothing under my feet. It was just all wobbly you know," he recalled.

After using tractors to flip the trailer back down, friends and family spent the afternoon salvaging whatever they could from inside the badly damaged home. The storm early Friday jolted the whole neighborhood.

"Normally I'll lay there and sleep. But I come up out of that bed standing straight up. And I came out of that house, cause it was shaking that house pretty darn good," said Lionel Ladner, Andy's brother.

Lionel lost some siding and shingles and found a horse trailer flipped over near his house. He's grateful it wasn't worse.

"It was shaking now. Them doors was popping. I looked for them to come out of that house any minute," he said.

Down the road, his brother could certainly relate to that shared experience.

"I realized it was a tornado, and just prayed," said Andy.

Those prayers were apparently answered. No one was killed or injured; just a sizeable mess to be cleaned up by fortunate family and friends.