Katrina Creates Pot Holes And Collapsed Roads

The ride is getting bumpier, and the holes are harder to dodge. Katrina left some pretty deep scars along many roads across South Mississippi. It began with water rushing over the roads, and then standing there for hours.

"The second part of the whammy was having all that heavy construction equipment on top of it to move the debris," says Biloxi Spokesman Vincent Creel. "And if you recall, Highway 90 was closed for a significant amount of time, which meant we had increased traffic on all our neighborhood streets. So what that meant was, we're starting to see the toll now of all of that storm damage."

The worst damage is taking place beneath the surface. Katrina weakened many drainage pipes. One example is a street in the Edgewater Park neighborhood. And every time it rains, the water washes away the soil around the pipes, creating a cavity under the road, causing it to cave-in.

"What the city crews are doing, they're pumping the water from around the collapsed pipeline, away to get it down to the beach front, where it can drain properly," says Creel. "We have probably dozens of these kinds of cases throughout the city."

Pumping out the water, and patching-up pock-marked roads are only temporary solutions. The city is appealing to FEMA for tens of millions of dollars to fix the broken streets, and help the city on the road to recovery.

"We've made a lot of progress," says Creel. "But with every rainfall we have, it's an indication of how far we have to go."

Next Wednesday, the city of Biloxi will open bids to repair the pipes and street in Edgewater Park. Once the work begins, it should take about 180 days to complete.