FEMA To Close Dedeaux Road Trailer Park

The park off Dedeaux Road will closed in 120 days. The decision was made following a meeting between FEMA and the park owners Friday morning.

The move comes after questions were raised about just who is responsible for providing security. FEMA officials say the property owners were not managing the park to their standards and it was time for a change.

"They're just not managing it as expected when they signed the lease with us. Managing it so the residents feel safe and to our satisfaction, they are not doing that. We feel that it is in the citizens' best interest who are living in that park and FEMA's best interest that we just cut ties with these landowners, " FEMA Spokesperson Marcia Hill told WLOX News.

The property owners say the lease did not require them to provide security for the park. FEMA official say residents of the Dedeaux Road park will be relocated to other FEMA parks in South Mississippi.