Beating Victim Being Sent Home

The Pakistani man who says he was beaten at the Stone County jail has until April 16 to get out of the country. 20 year old Hasain Javed was arrested Sept. 19 for having an expired tourist visa. He was on his way back to school in the New York City area when the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Mobile, Ala., stopped the bus he rode and took him into custody.

Javed admitted to having an expired visa during a short deportation hearing Monday in U.S. Immigration Court and asked that he be allowed to go back to Pakistan. He was given four months to make the move. The hearing concerned only his expired visa and did not touch on the beating at the Stone County Correctional Facility in Wiggins, Miss., after his arrest. Javed's attorney, Malvern C. Burnett, said the case may be reopened if Mississippi chooses to press charges in the beating allegations. Javed said he was stripped naked and beaten after being placed in a dormitory style cell with about a dozen men. He said the men started calling him names like ``Bin Laden'' and threatened to kill him. Inmates said Javed had been talking negatively about the United States, but he denied it. Javed suffered a ruptured eardrum, a broken tooth and fractured ribs. He was taken to a nurse after the beating, but he did not see a doctor. He was then placed in a small solitary cell. Javed was returning to school after visiting family in Houston when he was detained.

An aunt from Houston was at his hearing and said she fears how Javed's beating will be handled. ``If they just send him away, the case will be dropped and justice will not be served,'' Erun Rehman said. ``That's what we're afraid of.''