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FEMA Park Residents Share Their Security Concerns

Residents of the FEMA park trailer off Dedeaux Road say people living in the Whispering Pines subdivision aren't the only ones suffering from the problems some trouble makers in the park are creating.

"We're just as scared, some of us in here, as they are out there, " says park resident Carla Cannon.

Carla Cannon says it's people like her who end up taking the wrap for those causing problems in the FEMA trailer park off Dedeaux Road, right next to Whispering Pines Subdivision.

"We're hard working people over here. And we're sorry for the problems they've had out there, but we've had some of the same problems over here," says Cannon.

Cannon's main concern is for the park's smallest residents, like her grandson Christian.

"Somebody's got to be responsible for the children. I'm worried about the children," says Cannon.

Residents in the park and in the subdivision have spoken out saying they want FEMA and FEMA park owners to figure out what to do to make the area safer for everybody.

"Let's just get together and work out a solution. Why can't FEMA and the land owners come to terms on security," says Cannon.

That's a question people living in the Whispering Pines subdivision would also like answered. And the questions will only continue as the city entertains the idea of putting a time limit on the park.

"You got a lot of elderly people who are scared to death and don't know where to go next," says park resident Diane Dube.

In any case, both sides hope a solution is in sight, one that will stamp out crime on both sides of the fence.

"Don't put the problems on all of us, cause there's a lot of good people who work hard everyday who just want to come home and be comfortable and know that they're safe too," says Cannon.

by Krystal Allan

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