Pascagoula Family Struck By Tragedy Given A Free Shopping Spree

"I like to cook. We are going to go to the pots and pans first," Leroy Johnson said.

Johnson and his son, Leroy Jr., were like kids in a candy store, picking up every kitchen utensil they could get their hands on.

"Gumbo pots. House is not complete without a gumbo pot," Johnson said.

The two, along with mom Bronstine Miller, lost all their possessions and the roof over their heads during a house fire.

The couple then suffered a heartbreaking loss when their two grandsons died in a separate fire. But with heartbreak, comes hope.

"We lost all those things, but it is coming back with so much love," Johnson said.

Thanks to volunteers, the family is getting a new home. Thursday they had the task of picking out brand new stuff to go inside the home once it's finished. And thanks to Wal-Mart, no money is coming out of their pockets.

"At the end of the day, the most important thing to us is our people and community," Wal-Mart's Demp Bell said.

"It is not like they are going on a shopping spree to get frivolous items. They don't have any bowls, utensils," Hope Has A Face Foundation organizer Keith Canfield said.

And the shopping spree didn't stop at Wal-Mart. Next, the family chose new furniture from AMC Liquidators.

"Money is not the object. It's all about helping the community that helps us out," Manager Tommy Cone said.

"Oh yes, this will work out just fine," Miller said as she sat on a bed. "This bed is going in our room. Oh I love it."

Bronstine Miller quickly picked out her new couch and a color scheme.

"What is this, green? But you also have the beige in it, that's burgundy. You can do a lot of matching in there," Miller said.

The family's home should be completed by next Week.

"From us to all of you, God Bless you all," Miller said.